Centre of Polymer Systems, Zlín



The creation of the specialised research centre of Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín focused on applied research of polymers greatly extends the teaching and development capacities of the university and connects the academic and commercial environments. The building is adjacent to the main western access road of Zlín – Tomáš Baťa Avenue. It is located on the south side opposite the distinctive grounds of the original Baťa Shoe factory. The volume of the building is formed by four basic elements – a ‘heavy’ two-storey base, a rectangular block referencing local traditional buildings, a parallel narrow block and a connection neck. The lower two-storey, half-buried base includes the majority of the building’s technical facilities on the 1st floor. The main pile unit with heavy laboratory equipment and other laboratories are situated here. The entrance and representative areas are on the 1st floor. From the 2nd floor, the building protrudes only in both mentioned equally long but variously deep wings, which are connected via the connection neck. The larger wing is used for teaching and research laboratory operations, the smaller for study rooms and office facilities. The main vertical communication core including restrooms and technical facilities is situated in the connection neck.


Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně

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Civil building

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